Bahrain - Frozen Crab

HS Code:
030614 - Crustaceans; frozen, crabs, in shell or not, smoked, cooked or not before or during smoking; in shell, cooked by steaming or by boiling in water
$4.30 ~
USD / KG, May 20, 2024

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Size : 200+
$4.30 /
Blue Swimming Crabs - Half Cut - Mixed sizes
$5 /

Available Specifications:

Variety: Swimming crab - Blue Swimming Crab
Grade: Premium Quality
Packaging Type: Carton Box (6kg). Carton Box (12kg)
Processed Style: Frozen - Raw Frozen. Frozen
Cultivation Type: Wild Caught
Incoterms: CFR
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A quote is requested by a buyer. (16200 kg)
May 21, 2024

Product Description

Bahrain is a leading producer of Blue swimming crabs, scientifically known as Portunus segnis. There has been an increse in demand for these crabs in recent years. In 2018, Bahrain exported 4,650 MT of crabs, worth USD 35.3 million. The Far East and Southeast Asian markets remain the major import destinations. Blue Swimming Crab serves as a good source of high-quality protein. Its meat promotes the development of muscle; it serves as a food from which your body can derive energy.

The crab season lasts almost throughout the year with peak production happening between August and November. The frozen whole round crabs weigh anywhere between 50 to 250 grams. There is also high demand for frozen cut crabs along with frozen cooked and frozen debacked crabs.

To offer all these frozen crab varieties, Tridge has partnered with the largest and most reputed packer in the region. Our HACCP and ISO 22000 certified supplier is able to supply these crabs as per buyers size, assortment and packaging requirements. We are also able to provide customised branded packaging for these Blue Swimming Crabs.


Blue Swimming Crab
50 / 80 / 100 / 150 / 200 / 200+ / 2L / L / M / S / 2S / 3S
Processed Type
Frozen Whole Round, Frozen Half Cut, Frozen Cooked
4kg x 2 inner packet = 8kg master carton
4kg x 3 inner packet = 12kg master carton
12×500 grams = 6kg master carton
12×1 kg = 12kg master carton"
Shipping Method
Sea freight
Storage Condition
HACCP, ISO 22000
Bahrain Frozen Crab - Bahrain_crab.png
Bahrain Frozen Crab - b301c915-fd11-4d47-83de-13072ab14833.jpg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - c347b95b-f8cb-43f2-ab17-c302d6727c0a.jpg


Bahrain Frozen Crab - IMG-20220827-WA0013.jpg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - WhatsApp_Image_2022-12-12_at_14.35.00_2.jpeg


Bahrain Frozen Crab - 1659611398901.jpg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - WhatsApp_Image_2022-12-12_at_14.35.01.jpeg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - IMG-20220827-WA0016.jpg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - IMG-20230615-WA0011.jpg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - IMG-20230615-WA0005.jpg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - IMG-20230615-WA0009.jpg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - IMG-20230615-WA0007.jpg
Bahrain Frozen Crab - IMG-20230615-WA0008.jpg

Our Representative in Bahrain

Mohammed Zafar
Mohammed is well experienced in the international trading of seafood across geographies. His areas of expertise include strategic sourcing, contract negotiation, and supply chain management. Using his knowledge and relations in the seafood industry, he is able to deliver quality products to fulfill buyer’s requirements and specifications.

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