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Greece - Fresh Kiwi

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081050 - Fruit, edible; kiwifruit, fresh
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USD / KG, August 7, 2023
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Color: Green
Grade: High Quality
Packaging Type: Carton Box
Processed Style: Fresh
Cultivation Type: Conventional
Incoterms: EXW
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A buyer from Brazil finalized a deal with Tridge. (22 metric ton)
Jan 26, 2024

Our Fresh Kiwi from Greece

With Greece becoming one of the main kiwifruit producers worldwide and Piraeus having surpassed Valencia as the Mediterranean's greatest container hub, Greek kiwifruit have become some of the most successful export products.

With the harvest season starting conveniently usually after mid-October, Greece is capable of supplying a large array of markets. The superior quality of the Greek green kiwifruit makes the product competitive even in the most demanding markets.

It all started from Pieria County, which is the traditional cultivation area, where the kiwi cultivation was imported by Greek agronomists supported by the Greek Australian community that have foreseen the adaptation of the Hayward variety in the location around the base of Mount Olympus. From there it spread to the North and East. The second path evolved from Greek agronomists coming back from Italy and gave much trust in early green and yellow varieties.

Greece cultivates almost 10 thousand hectares and for season 2021-2022 the yield of Hayward Green Kiwi is estimated to be about 270-290 thousand tons.

To offer the highest quality kiwis, Tridge has formed a partnership with selected Greek growers with not only a strong reputation as reliable suppliers but also fully controlled chain from farm to export(privately owned farms, high standard quality control, long-term storage, packing facilities, etc.) and exporting experience to 6 different continents with tailor made packing and product.
Greece Fresh Kiwi - Greece-Fresh-Kiwi-313220.jpg


Yellow: Soreli
Green: Hayward
20 ~ 48
10 kg loose, 5kg loose, 3kg single layer, punnets upon request
Class 1, 2
Cultivation Type

Our Process and Product


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Greece Fresh Kiwi - Greece-Fresh-Kiwi-637181.jpg
Greece Fresh Kiwi - Greece-Fresh-Kiwi-124384.jpg


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Greece Fresh Kiwi - 3F.jpg
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Final Product

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Greece Fresh Kiwi - Greece-Fresh-Kiwi-833300.jpg


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Our Representative in Greece

Hyojin Kim
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