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Australia - Macadamia Kernel

HS Code:
080262 - Macadamia Nuts - shelled, fresh or dried
$5 ~
USD / KG, September 26, 2022

Current Offer Base Prices

Style 0
$20.50 / -
Style 4L
$16.50 / -
Style 1L
$19.50 / -
Nut In Shell 22+
$5 / -
Style 8
$14 / -
Style 7
$15 / -
Style 6
$15 / -
Style 5
$15 / -
Style 4s
$15.50 / -
Style 3
$17 / -
Style 2
$18 / -
Style 1s
$18 / -

Available Specifications:

Processed Style: Raw
Incoterms: FOB
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Latest Updates:
A quote is requested by a buyer from Tunisia. (10 metric ton)
Sep 3, 2022

Our Macadamia Kernel from Australia

Macadamias are a native crop from Australia. Having been developed and cultivated to a level of commercial trade and consumption, macadamias are now traded globally as an easily enjoyed snack and as a food condiment. The Australian macadamia industry has grown rapidly over the last few years, developing into a commercial production stage thanks to the efforts of domestic growers and Aussie ingenuity. Australia is now a pioneer in the international macadamia trade.
Tridge has formed partnerships with several suppliers who are the big players for macadamias in Australia. They can supply the quality and specifications required for your application right away, and they hold Global GAP, GASP, HACCP, and other global certifications to provide the best quality of the macadamia kernels.
Australia Macadamia Kernel - MacadamiaKernel.jpg


Tetraphylla, Integrifolia
Nut in Shell (>22mm)
Style 0 (>20mm) ~ Style 8 (<4mm)
New South Wales
Global G.A.P. / GFSI
Sea Freight
11.34Kg Vacuum-Packed Foil Bags
25Kg Mesh Bags


Australia Macadamia Kernel - Calend.PNG

Our Process and Product


Australia Macadamia Kernel - plant.jpg
Australia Macadamia Kernel - Australia-Macadamia-507616.jpg


Australia Macadamia Kernel - Australia-Macadamia-346782.jpg
Australia Macadamia Kernel - Australia-Macadamia-448082.jpg


Australia Macadamia Kernel - Australia-Macadamia-229940.jpg


Australia Macadamia Kernel - Processing.jpg
Australia Macadamia Kernel - sorting.jpg
Australia Macadamia Kernel - processing1.jpg

Final Product

Australia Macadamia Kernel - 11.34bag.jpg


Australia Macadamia Kernel - dhd.PNG

Top 3 Export Markets

Australia Macadamia Kernel - %EC%BA%A1%EC%B2%98.PNG

Our Representative in Australia

Sean Flanery
Sean's career spans from managing broad-acre farming operations in NSW Australia. Sean has since expanded both vertically and horizontally throughout the agribusiness value chain, bringing an extensive background across many areas of agribusiness, including commodity trading, importing, exporting and market analytics, spanning more than 30 years. Sean has traded a variety of soft commodities both domestically and globally, including direct sales of fresh Australian beef and dairy products to various Chinese platforms including direct to high end restaurants, supermarkets, wholesalers and retailers (B2B). Also direct to individual consumers via eCommerce sales (B2C). With this industry experience and sound understanding of the Australian food and agricultural landscape, Sean is keen to support and build upon Tridge’s values to develop sound relationships with local suppliers.

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