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January 17, 2022
Due to the longer and colder winter, the mango season in Thailand can be delayed, especially in the main yellow mango-producing regions, namely Chiang Mai and Nan province. As a result, the harvest might be delayed about 15-20 days, leading the harvest season to begin in late April.

Thailand - Fresh Mango

HS Code:
080450 - Guavas, Mangoes and Mangosteens, fresh or dried
USD / KG, December 20, 2021

Pre-Season Order Information

Quantity Available
100 -
Quantity Sold Last Season
Nam Dok Mai
Season Starts In
Booking Ends In
mid September
Last Season’s Top Importing Countries
South Korea
Quality & Certificate
Grade A
Latest Updates:
A quote is requested by a buyer from United States. (100 metric ton)
Jan 17, 2022

Our Fresh Mango from Thailand

Fresh Mango is one of the most popular fruits in Thailand. It’s not only consumed as a fruit but also used as a drink for medicinal purposes to reduce fever and stomachache by boiling. In Thailand, there are more than 200 distinct types of mangoes, which vary depending on taste, aroma, color, size, shape, and soil.

We offer two high-quality mangoes: Nam Dok Mai mango and Maha Chanok mango.

Nam Dok Mai
- Very sweet, refreshing flavor
- Oval shape, attractive light-yellow peel, and thick golden yellow flesh
- Eaten fresh or added to fruit salads, warm dishes, desserts, and smoothies

Maha Chanok
- Referred to as Pink Mango or Rainbow Mango
- Known as its sweet flavor, juicy flesh, lack of fibrous pulp, and tropical fragrance
- Flesh being buttery and golden yellow with a long, thin, flat seed
- Rich in Vitamins C, B1, B2, Beta-Carotene, Calcium, Phosphorus, etc.

Nam Dok Mai

Thailand Fresh Mango - shutterstock_1981711847_1.jpg

Maha Chanok

Thailand Fresh Mango - Mahachanok_-_unripe_1.jpg


Specification of Thailand mangos that we offer are as below. We offer Nam Dok Mai and Maha Chanok variety with customer friendly options.
Nam Dok Mai / Maha Chanok
300-450 grams
5kg Carton Box
1. TH
2. GAP
4. ISO

Our Process and Product

Tridge takes responsibility of all the process of production which includes plantation, processing, packaging, delivery. We provide wholistic fulfillment service that guarantees greatest customer satisfaction. All your orders will be delivered with the best quality and conditions with Tridge being your advocate.


Thailand Fresh Mango - image_9.png
Thailand Fresh Mango - image_12.png
Thailand Fresh Mango - image_10.png
Thailand Fresh Mango - %EA%B7%B8%EB%A6%BC1.png


Thailand Fresh Mango - image_14.png
Thailand Fresh Mango - image_15.png
Thailand Fresh Mango - image_16.png
Thailand Fresh Mango - image_13.png
Thailand Fresh Mango - image_17.png


Fresh mangos from Tridge satisfy various requirements and certifications needed to ensure trust from our clients and consumers. Our products have passed rigorous inspections and quality check and have procured certifications such as Global G.A.P, HACCP, and ISO.
Thailand Fresh Mango - Mango_Certifications.png

Top 3 Export countries

Top three importers of Thailand mangos are US, China and Hong Kong.
Thailand Fresh Mango - Mango_export.png

Our Representative in Thailand

Danaiwat Jaidech
Top comes from Chiangmai, Thailand which his family is still cultivating in rice, garlic and chilly. He has strong connection with farm owners and exporters who are able to fulfill your requirement as well. If you are looking for rice, garlic, onion, durian, mangosteen, mango, ginger, turmeric, lemon grass or others from Thailand, this guy is the right person who you should to call him.

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