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Egypt - Fresh Orange

$14.30 ~
USD / Carton Box (15kg), March 27, 2023

Current Offer Base Prices

Valencia/ Fresh/ 40-56
$14.30 / -

Available Specifications:

Variety: Valencia
Grade: Class 1
Processed Style: Fresh
Incoterms: CFR
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A quote is requested by a buyer from Brazil. (24 metric ton)
Mar 21, 2023

Product Description

Egyptian produces mainly 2 varities, Navels and Valencias. Valencia oranges are a popular variety of sweet orange that is known for its unique flavor and juicy pulp. Egyptian oranges are typically grown in the Nile River Valley and Delta regions of Egypt, where the climate is ideal for citrus cultivation. These regions provide the perfect balance of sunlight, temperature, and water to produce high-quality oranges with a vibrant color and rich flavor.

Egyptian oranges are typically harvested from November to May, with the peak season occurring in January and February. During this time, the oranges are carefully handpicked and sorted to ensure that only the best quality fruit is selected for export. Egyptian oranges are exported to many countries worldwide, including the Middle East, Europe, and Asia, where they are highly prized for their flavor and nutritional value.


Navel, Valencia
40, 48, 56, 64, 72, 80, 88, 100, 105, 113
Class 1, Class 2, and Processing Grade
Min 8+
Average 12+
Carton 15kg N.W. - 16kg G.W.
Open Top
Carton 15kg N.W. - 16kg G.W.

*Processing Orange - Bin 600kg N.W

Our Process and Product

Egypt Fresh Orange - shutterstock_1840946851.jpg


Egypt Fresh Orange - Egypt-Orange-785083.jpeg
Egypt Fresh Orange - Egypt-Orange-392104.jpeg


Egypt Fresh Orange - Egypt-Orange-349629.jpeg
Egypt Fresh Orange - Egypt-Orange-410649_2.jpeg
Egypt Fresh Orange - Egypt-Orange-177002.jpeg
Egypt Fresh Orange - Egypt-Orange-611595.jpeg

Our Representative in Egypt

Ahmad Shalaby
Ahmad is an experienced trade expert with a great understanding of the food and agricultural industry. With his substantial knowledge and understanding in this sector, he is able to secure a smooth sourcing process for our buyers. Additionally, his extensive connections throughout the country allow us to present competitive prices for our buyers.

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