On-the-Ground Updates

Malting industry in China deploys sourcing opportunities whilst Aussie farmers may attempt for a different outflow.

Caio Alves
Published Jun 17, 2020
Argentina is jousting harder to retain a bigger share of the chinese beer market of its malt barley outflow. The Asian Giant is the top global importer of the product.
The mainland ports are now under a regulatory siege and locked in a trade fight with its top provider, Australia. After allegations of dumping towards the supplier country, China had imposed an 80% tariff on barley originated from Australia, as tensions between the two countries were ignited.
Regarding industry sources in the South American grains powerhouse, exports are expected to reach 120,000 tonnes of barley from Argentina to China this year, if the beverage consuming buyer maintains its import duties for longer. And even more if the weather can complicate crop yielding in France and Canada. Recently reported by the Export chamber of Argentina, the actual Govt. is intending to deploy and satisfy the current and future Chinese demands for high and malting qualities of barley.

Australia estimates on the 2020/21 barley crop campaign is of 9.5 million tonnes and consumes about 3.5 million tonnes domestically, leaving 63% of the produce yet to find its destine.
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