On-the-Ground Updates

Anchovy fishing in Rawson contributes raw material to the canning industry in Mar del Plata

Dan Kleiner
Published Jul 17, 2020
A part of Rawson's province coastal fleet has been fishing Engraulis Anchoita for a few weeks, thus supplying raw material for the canning industry of Mar del Plata (where Anvhocy is usually fished and processed at).
Given the on-going conflict in the Shrimp industry, many vessels have adapted and began to catch this fish. The product obtained in Patagonian waters is good, between 40 and 42 pieces/kilo, with a level of fat suitable for working in the canning industry.
In the context of the pandemic, the need to give continuity to the supply is clear in order to have a complete overview of the business scheme. It is a resource that serves all of the industry, both fishing boats and companies. Canned products have grown in demand in the EU because of the pandemic and the local industry can make its contribution too.
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