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Assumed problems due to disguising the production area of ​​clams

Yuta Watanabe
Updated Mar 17, 2023
In Japan, approximately 90% of the consumed clams are imported. Domestically produced clams were sold in limited quantities. But, these are recognized as luxury items and served in high-priced restaurants. A major company in Kumamoto Prefecture in Februaryon February 2023 was selling clams from China under the disguise of being “domestic”. Domestic clams traded at more than ten times compared to the price of Chinese clams. It became a big issue and was reported in Japanese news.

Under the influence, domestic clams were viewed with suspicion and avoided by consumers. Korean clams are attracting attention as an alternative to domestically-produced clams. The quality is closer to that of domestic clams compared to the clams of other regions.

Soon, the demand for Korean clams might temporarily increase due to domestically-produced clams.
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