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Bangladesh Faces Rising Onion Prices Despite Increased Imports in Oct-23

Fresh Onion
Market & Price Trends
Pauline Fay Enriquez
Published Oct 10, 2023
Bangladesh has started large-scale imports of onions from India to reduce prices, but onions have remained the same in retail markets. During Oct-23, all types of imported and domestic onions sold at USD 0.73 to 0.86 per kilogram (BDT 80 to 95/kg), the price before imports began. Vegetable prices have increased by USD 0.091 to 0.36/kg (BDT 10 to 40/kg) in W39. Essentials like potatoes, farm chicken, and eggs have also seen increased prices. The government's decision to import eggs and potatoes has not positively impacted the retail market. The price of local and imported onions has also increased by USD 0.045 to 0.091/kg (BDT 5 to 10/kg).
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