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Bird flew sill on going in Portugal

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Nuno Gaspar
Published Mar 3, 2022
With breakouts being found a little bit all over Europe, Portugal is no exception. So far, more than 250 000 animals have been eliminated because of this problem. So far, the 15 breakouts found in Portugal are concentrated in the Center and South region.

The first case was discovered on 30 November 2021, it has begun to spread, and even if it hasn’t reached an alarming level, authorities are on the lookout for this problem. Producers affected by this issue will get proper compensation for their loss, either via governmental aid or via EU programs that have already been set to fight this illness.

One of the main problems that authorities face is that contaminated animals are found in breeding places and domestic species, like chickens or turkeys, and on others like seagulls or storks, as found in the latest known case. This fact poses an additional problem in what comes to control. Unfortunately, nothing else can be done to keep tight control of facilities and birds. Hygiene is a priority, and hunting birds is also an activity that will be getting some new rules to eliminate the spread.
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