On-the-Ground Update

Busted illegal "Feta" drives up the prices for sheep milk and mutton meat

Innovation & Technology
Feta Cheese
Supply Chain Management
Konstantin Karouzakis-Heckendorf
Published Jun 10, 2021
Following a denunciation, a control on a large Feta producing facility in central Greece occurred, leading to the confiscation of 400 tons of illegal "Feta" cheese, that contains cow milk. The confiscated 400 tons were the last batch of an ongoing trade deal supplying the German market.

This development has led to an increase in controls on milk transports, increasing the price of sheep milk to over 1.00 € / l (from approximately 0.70 €). The increase in sheep milk price also has led to an increase of the domestic mutton meat price from 9.00 €/kg to over 12.00 €/kg.
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