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Rise in Chinese Sesame Seed Imports During W41, Price Fluctuations Expected

Sesame Seed
Market & Price Trends
Lei Wang
Published Oct 13, 2023
Following the recent National holiday, the primary sources of imported sesame seeds in the Chinese market are currently Tanzania and Mozambique. Traders have incrementally raised their prices in response to the post-holiday price increases in Tanzania and Mozambique. Notably, Pakistan's bulk shipments are still pending and anticipated to reach Chinese shores by late October. During W42, sesame seed prices stood as follows, but are negotiable:

Tanzania (south): USD 2,053.14 to USD 2,135.26 per ton (CNY 15,000 to 15,600/ton)
Mozambique (white): USD 2,039.39 to USD 2,080.45/ton (CNY 14,900 to 15,200/ton), with a high price of USD 2,094.20/ton (CNY 15,300/ton).
Ethiopian (first-grade): USD 2,217.39 to USD 2,272.14/ton (CNY 16,200 to 16,600/ton), with some high prices at USD 2,326.89/ton (CNY 17,000/ton).
Ethiopian (second-grade): USD 2,190.01 to USD 2,203.70/ton (CNY 16,000 to 16,100/ton).
Sudan (first-grade): USD 2,094.20 to USD 2,162.64/ton (CNY 15,300 to 15,800/ton),
Sudan (second-grade): USD 2,053.14 to USD 2,107.89/ton (CNY 15,000 to 15,400/ton)
Togo (white): USD 2,012.07 to USD 2,053.14/ton (CNY 14,700 to 15,000/ton)
Togo (mix): USD 1,971.01 to USD 1,998.38/ton (CNY 14,400 to 14,600/ton)
Niger (white): USD 1,998.38 to USD 2,053.14/ton (CNY 14,600 to 15,000/ton).

Until October 11th, the main sesame warehouse inventory located in Huangdao Port was 123,700 tons, an increase of 31,100 tons or a 33.59% month-on-month (MoM). On the other hand, the October 11th value represented a decrease of 80,400 tons or a 39.39% year-on-year (YoY) decrease.

Due to the increasing prices, the trade activities are limited. Buyers are only purchasing on real demand. The inventory is expected to recover after the arrival of Pakistan seed. The increasing futures prices will probably prevent a significant fall in the prices.
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