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Citrus Market Price for Different Origins in the Dutch Market in W46

Fresh Grapefruit
Fernando Dupuis
Published Nov 22, 2022
In W46, the market for juice oranges in the Netherlands was still dominated by South African oranges. However, supply is low as the fruit in stock is reaching the end of its shelf life, and importers are also not increasing the price in order to clear the stock. In W46, the price of juice, Valencia, and Delta oranges of South African origin is USD 11.28–12.82/15kg box for Cat 1 (sizes 64/72/88/100) and USD 10.26–11.79/15kg box for Cat 2 (sizes 100/105). There are also a few Navelinas from Spain that are offered in wooden boxes at a price of USD 15.38/15kg.

As for Tahiti limes, the market remains positive, with prices ranging from USD 8.20-10.77/4.5kg box, depending on the size, origin, and quality. The majority of the origins available on the market are from Brazil, with only a small amount coming from Colombia, Guatemala, and Honduras. The market's supply and demand have so far maintained balance, but sales slowed down in the W46. Therefore, a decline in the FOT price level is anticipated in the upcoming week.

The Dutch market in W46 is completely out of South African and Peruvian mandarins. At the moment, Spain offers the clemenule variety, Morocco offers clementines, and Turkey offers satsuma varieties. The price is no longer at the levels seen a few weeks ago, with all origins and varieties ranging around USD 13.33/10 kg. Lastly, for grapefruit, after an empty market in the Netherlands, it's now possible to find grapefruit of the Star Ruby variety from Spain and Turkey. The red grapefruit's price for Spanish origin stands at USD 16.41/15kg for all sizes, and for Turkish origin, the price stands at USD 14.36/15kg for all sizes.
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