On-the-Ground Update

Critical Sustainability Concerns for South American Reduction Fisheries

Fish Oil
Sustainability & Environmental Impact
Ferhat Erdem
Published Nov 10, 2023
The sustainability of South American reduction fisheries is declining, with most assessed fisheries gradually performing worse since 2018. In contrast to positive changes in European fisheries in 2022, two South American fisheries experienced reduced sustainability scores, causing concern due to the broader decline. The coastal South American nations, particularly Chile and Peru, have historically led in marine ingredient production, with Chile and Ecuador excelling in farmed seafood. Despite this, the management strategy scores for the region's reduction fisheries have consistently shown average performance. Specifically, three fisheries in South America - Southern Peru/Northern Chile's anchoveta, Chile Valparaíso (V)-Los Lagos (X)'s anchoveta, and Central-South Chile's Araucanian herring - have declined to the lowest sustainability category (Category C - poorly managed). This decline contrasts recent improvements in European fisheries, highlighting the critical need for enhanced regional cooperation in the management of shared fisheries.
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