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German Retailers Apply Stricter Maximum Residue Levels For Strawberries

Fresh Strawberry
Regulation & Compliances
Theodoros Damvakaris
Published Oct 17, 2022
German retailers announced stricter MRL levels for fresh strawberries, creating a big concern about what plant protection strategies and what phytochemical exit to follow to conform with these new requests. A maximum of up to 5 active substances, 33-70% below the allowed level of MRL for each, and minimum days of active element traceability are a few of the mentioned prerequisites. Greek suppliers, bound with contracts of delivery to German retail chains, consider these measures another contributor to already high production costs, but still proceed immediately to adopt the new requests where possible. Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia may be affected as well since their production periods started earlier. To adhere to these new MRL requirements will further increase production costs for strawberry producers.
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