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Impending Heat Wave Threatens Greece's Fruit and Vegetable Production

Fresh Tomato
Theodoros Damvakaris
Published Jul 12, 2023
The first intense heat wave with a scorching temperature of 43-44°C is expected to hit Mediterranean coasts between the middle of W28 to the end of W29. This heat wave is likely to have a significant impact on Greece's fruit and vegetable production. The export season for melons and watermelons has ended earlier than usual due to the hot weather, and tomato production has been halted, leading to increased imports to compensate for the shortfall. The same situation applies to cucumbers and peppers. The production of grapes may also be affected as temperatures above 38°C can harm vineyards, and the growth of kiwi fruit is halted under the heat. The development of citrus fruit will be adversely affected by the prolonged heat wave, which cannot be mitigated by watering. Additionally, in arid areas in the South, watering has already been stopped due to low underground water levels.
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