On-the-Ground Update

Increased Biosecurity Concerns in South Africa Due to Avian Influenza Crisis

Published Oct 17, 2023
Avian influenza outbreaks in South Africa have led to the culling of around 7.5 million chickens, significantly affecting the poultry industry. This has resulted in supply shortages and increased egg prices. To address this crisis, the government is fast-tracking egg import permits and considering a vaccination program. The poultry industry also struggles with power shortages and competition from cheap imports. The South African Poultry Association is advocating for vaccine approval, highlighting the critical impact on food security and the economy. Regulatory challenges are being addressed, with scientists in Britain exploring gene editing as a potential strategy to protect chickens. Amid these challenges, there is a focus on implementing biosecurity measures and responsible poultry management to minimize disease spread and safeguard the industry.
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