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Last Cashew Auction in Coastal Region of Tanzania for the 2022/23 Season Held on January 4

Sanje Lufwelo
Updated Jan 5, 2023
The 9th cashew auction in the Coastal region of Tanzania, was held on January 4, 2023. Farmers agreed to sell 258MT of cashew nuts to three buyers with the following breakdown, 11MT grade one for USD 0.65/kg and 247MT of the second grade at USD 0.51/kg. This auction will be the last in the 2022/23 cashew season for CORECU Cooperative Union. The region sold a total of 10,683MT through the union warehouse receipts system. First grade products accounted for 96.5% of the total volume at 10,311MT, while the second grade accounted for 3.5% at 372MT.
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