On-the-Ground Update

Local Rambutan Influences the Indonesian Fruit GT Market During W5, Affecting Imported Products

Published Feb 2, 2023
The Indonesian fruit market in General Trade, especially the wet market, was influenced by local rambutans due to their low-price in Surabaya and other cities during W5. The price of local rambutan is around USD 0.2/kg in B2B sales and USD 0.34-0.47/kg in retail. The affordable price caused by the shorter shelf life of rambutan at room temperature leads to the distributor's decision for a faster turnover. The sales of imported fruit have slowed down, amidst the harvest season of rambutan in the same period as the durian and Balinese orange harvest season. Some affected fruits are Thai longan (which shares a relatively similar taste with rambutan) and mandarin. The harvest season for rambutan usually lasts until March.
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