On-the-Ground Update

Fruit And Vegatables Cost From Italy to European Market Increased

Market & Price Trends
Benedetta Paoli
Published May 27, 2022
2021 has represented for italian export of fruit and vegetables as a historical record, doubling the values recorded at the beginning of the century, with almost EUR 5.6 billion in value. The important result is now endangered by the important increase in transport costs as logistics has an impact of 30-35% for fresh products.
Fresh products that grow the most in value abroad, compared to year 2020, are: apricots (+ 75%), apples (+ 5%), kiwis (+ 2%), tomatoes (+ 10.5%), lettuce (+ 4%), cabbage (+ 10%). Grape is stable (+ 0.4%) while citrus fruits (-9%) and potatoes (-15.6%) fell.
This upward trend involves Germany which represents Italy with the 30.4% of export with a value, of close to EUR 1.7 billion in 2021; France with over EUR 580 million of purchases of Italian fruit and vegetables followed by Austria with almost EUR 354 million, and the UK, which despite the difficulties linked to Brexit, with a value of EUR 279 million of export.
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