On-the-Ground Update

Increased Mexican Mango Prices in W47 Due to High Demand and Limited Volume

Fresh Mango
United States
Market & Price Trends
Arturo Munoz
Published Nov 24, 2023
The Mexican mango market is experiencing high demand, and prices will continue rising due to the limited volume available FOB McAllen. Below are the Ataulfo mango variety prices for various sizes were quoted on November 22, 2023, influenced by the Thanksgiving holiday:

16s: USD 15.50 to 17.50 per 4 kilograms (kg)
18s: USD 14.50 to 16.50/4kg
20s: USD 13.50 to 15.55/4kg
22s: USD 11.50 to 14.50/4kg

The price trend is expected to remain upward in W48 as Sonora, Sinaloa, and Colima, the primary producing states, transition to their peak production period in late Jan-24.
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