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New Zealand honey and bee products export trend and outlooks

New Zealand
Market & Price Trends
Pieter Steyn
Published Nov 20, 2021
New Zealand is seeing strong growth in honey export volumes, and it is said to have increased by 40% over 2020.
The top honey export price ending March 2021 has achieved well north of USD 50 per kg for monofloral manuka and is still the most popular honey with the largest share in the market.
The largest importer of New Zealand honey is the USA and focuses more on retail products, while the United Kingdom is the largest importer of bulk drums.
China is considered to be the largest honey retail market globally, but the USA, Germany, Japan, and the United Kingdom are the largest importers by value.
The projected growth for 2021 through to 2025 is significant and the global retail market for honey is forecast to increase by USD 2.1 billion from 2021 to 2025, possibly reaching USD 11 billion in 2025. The New Zealand retail market for honey is currently worth over NZD 60 million. However, expected future growth in this market is likely to be limited, with the market forecast to increase by only NZD 1 million by 2025.
An online search for manuka honey was at an all-time high in 2021 with Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and Oman being the three regions outside of New Zealand with the most search traffic.
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