Patagonia´s nut cluster plans to export 20% more this year

Dan Kleiner
Published Aug 17, 2020
With a projected total of 180 tons, 20% more exports are expected to be achieved if compared to last year.
The production of nuts of North Patagonia extends from the Lower Valley of Río Negro to the town of Añelo, in the center-east of Neuquén, over a total of 2,8K hectares, which for two years have had the anti-hail coverage provided by the agricultural compensation entities of each province.
In this area, the most important production of nuts is walnut trees, which last year managed to export a total of 150 tons to Italy, Uruguay, and Turkey.
Production costs depend on the system that is implemented, but in this area, costs are around U$1.10 or U$1.20/kilo of walnuts. The profitability obtained in recent years when exports began is U$2.40 or U$2.50/kilo.
Regarding hazelnuts, between 30 and 40% of the production is exported and the rest is for internal consumption.
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