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Peanut supply chain in Italy tilts a return after a half century

Peanut Oil
Caio Alves
Published Sep 15, 2020
The rebirth of the Italian peanut supply chain was discussed last Thursday in Italy, a product mainly imported from: Israel, Egypt and the United States of America. The goal for the next few years is to increase the agricultural and industrial aspects necessary to develop the production of peanuts on the national territory, with the objective to cultivate over thirty thousand hectares.

The birth of the Italian peanut supply chain returns to the market after almost 50 years. Reviving a supply chain means restarting a set of skills, know-how, investments in agriculture, industry and fundamental applied research in a context of economic recovery.

The consumption of dried fruit by Italians has doubled in the last ten years, reaching three kilos each. Smaller, darker and with a particular taste and all to be discovered compared to conventional types, the Italian peanut seed is deposited in the field in April and harvested in mid / late September; it needs peaty soils, high temperatures and many hours of light, all characteristics that blend perfectly with the Italian climate. Precisely for these characteristics the region that has seen this cultivation most developed was Emilia-Romagna and in particular the area of Ferrara.
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