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Peruvian Products in the German market during 2020

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Published Dec 16, 2020
The Peruvian products that reduced their demand in Germany were coffee, bananas, cocoa and grapes, which have a joint participation of 39%.

In the case of coffee, German imports totaled 914,743 mt for US $ 2,632 million (-3% volume and + 6% value compared to 2019). Peru sent 24,170 mt for US $ 80 million (-21% volume and -13% value). 97% of the shipments were direct. The main suppliers to Germany were Brazil (32%), Vietnam (21%), Honduras (10%). Peru ranked ninth with 3% participation.

Banana imports totaled 1'002,950 mt for US $ 754 million (-2% and -1% value). Peru shipped 23,089 mt for US $ 21 million, 36% less in volume and 32% less in value. Only 31% of shipments were direct. Peru was positioned as the eighth supplier of bananas, with a 2% share (-2pp), being displaced by Panama and Nicaragua. The main suppliers were Ecuador (28%) and Costa Rica (26%).

Cocoa imports, including all its presentations (grain, butter and powder), reached 943,955 mt for US $ 3,780 million (-3% volume and + 1% value compared to 2019). Peru added 7,951 mt for US $ 27 million (-23% volume and -26% value).
Direct shipments of cocoa were 33%. Despite this reduction, Peru once again positioned itself as its 15th cocoa supplier, with a 1% stake. The main suppliers were Ivory Coast (19%) and Belgium (14%).

Finally, grape imports between January and September totaled 231,435 mt for US $ 538 million (+ 3% volume and + 13% value compared to 2019). Of the total, 4,326 mt for US $ 11 million were provided by Peru (-29% volume and -21% value). This is a product that is shipped primarily indirectly. Peru positioned itself as the eighth grape supplier in Germany, with a 2% share (-1pp). The main suppliers were Italy (29%) and South Africa (22%).

Traditional products, such as coffee and cocoa, are beginning to lose share, either due to lower demand or less product availability.
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