On-the-Ground Updates

Pineapples, Sugar apple, and Wax apple exports collapse in Taiwan

Bobby Huang
Published Apr 8, 2022
In March 2021, mainland China suspended the import of pineapples from Taiwan, and in September of the same year, it further imposed an import ban on pineapples, Sugar apples, and Wax apples. After the restrictions on three major export items were imposed in China, exports were greatly affected. Pineapples can still enter the Japanese market, so the impact is relatively small. Last year, the export value declined by 32%, and in the first two months of this year, it continued to decrease by 34.9%. Sugar apple and Wax apple have been impacted since September last year. Due to the low acceptance of other countries outside China, they both showed an avalanche-like decline. Wax apple has the most significant decrease, with a drop of as high as 92% in the first two months of this year; The monthly export value has a negative growth of 85.9%. In January and February this year, the export value was only USD 4.34 million, far from the USD 30.81 million in the same period last year. It is the product with the most significant impact on the export value.
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