On-the-Ground Update

Price and Demand of Imported Chinese Cabbages in Taiwan Will Drop Once Locally Grown Cabbages Reach Its Peak Season

Fresh Cabbage
Market & Price Trends
Shelly Chen
Published Nov 29, 2022
Chinese cabbage is one of the imported commodity vegetables in Taiwan. The main origins are South Korea and Vietnam. Locally grown cabbage in Taiwan is available from November to March. The 2022 season for locally grown cabbage has started, but the quality and supply are still not stable. In W48, the average wholesale price of locally grown cabbage in Taiwan stood at USD 0.4/kg, while the imported cabbages from Vietnam stood at USD 1.03/kg, and imported cabbages from South Korea stood at USD 1.2/kg. It is estimated that when locally grown Chinese cabbages reach peak season, the price and demand for imported ones will decline.
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