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Purchase Prices of Oranges in Poland Collapse for sizes 64 and bigger

Fresh Orange
Market & Price Trends
Szymon Bury
Published May 11, 2022
In Poland, week 19 is seeing a collapse in the purchase price of oranges from any origin, and the variety for sizes 64 and bigger. The purchase price for a 15kg box is below EUR 7.00 (USD 7.29) in Bronisze, Warsaw Wholesale Market. Some buyers were able to load the Navel Powell at EUR 6.00 (USD 6.25) for a 15kg open-top box, EXW Spain. Egyptian Valencia oranges at spot price in the Netherlands had the best bid of EUR 5.50 (USD 5.73) FOT for a 15kg telescopic box in Poland. The price collapse was caused by warm weather, the first stone fruit from Southern Europe available in the market, with an abundant supply of Greek strawberries, and oranges returned from the retail that ended up being dumped in the wholesale market.
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