On-the-Ground Update

Rainfalls persist in multiple regions of Brazil, turning vegetable crops into rotten scrap

Caio Alves
Published Jan 12, 2022
The prices of tomatoes, lettuce, rucola, cabbage, chives, parsley, and tubers, mostly potatoes and yams are soaring at retail markets in São Paulo and Minas Gerais. In the eastern region of Belo Horizonte, the price of tomatoes was doubled, reaching BRL 11 per kg. The potato price is currently at BRL 7 per kg.

Not only horticulture basket prices are soaring, but the overall quality is relatively dubious. Some were picked up too early to avoid losses and others were somehow damaged by the excessive rain. Some fields of the common potato (Agata and Asterix) were flooded, and suppliers are securing stocks. Those who have not harvested yet are suffering severe losses. In some tomato farming regions, the total loss of production is estimated to be about 90%, as most of the crops were ruined or flooded. The leading local cooperatives have reported to be working at 40% of their capacity.

The plantations will be recovered in around two months, and price will be back to normal as soon as the weather settles down. Then producers would be able to plant the cultures again to sit for 60 days in the soil until harvests take place to stabilize the local markets.
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