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Price Adjustments for Hass Avocados in Rotterdam Wholesale Market, Netherlands During W4

Fresh Avocado
Jose Caballero
Published Mar 1, 2024
In the wholesale market of Rotterdam, the Netherlands, prices for Hass avocados from various countries adjusted in response to market demand in W4. Colombian Hass avocados in the 12-24 size range, packed in 4kg boxes, decreased to USD 13.56/box, while those in the 26/28/30/32 size range increased from USD 26.04/10kg box to USD 27.13/10kg box.

Tanzania's Hass avocados in the 14-18 size range, packed in 4kg boxes, remained at USD 13.02/box, while those in the 20/24 size range increased from USD 10.31/box to USD 11.94/box. Moroccan avocados in the 14/22 size range maintained a price of USD 16.28/box. Mexican avocados in the 16-20 size range, packed in 4kg boxes, were sold at USD 14.65/box.

Similar to the previous week, availability remains limited, and fruit is selling quickly, resulting in an empty market. Concerns persist that this situation may continue for several weeks, with significant shortages anticipated.
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