On-the-Ground Update

Vietnamese Durians Outpace Thai Varieties in Guangzhou Markets During W36

Danaiwat Jaidech
Published Sep 14, 2023
From September 1st to September 10th, 2023, various Thai fruits, including durian, young coconuts, mangosteen, pomelo, longan, and rambutan, were observed for sale in supermarkets and fruit retail stores in Guangzhou, China. A larger proportion of durians available during this period were sourced from Vietnam rather than Thailand. Thai durians were primarily of the Monthong variety, whereas Vietnamese durians included Mon Thong and Long-stemmed. Retail prices for Vietnamese Mon Thong durians were lower compared to Thai Mon Thong durians, with Vietnamese durians priced between USD 8.30 to 10.40/kg and Thai durians ranging from USD 7.86 to USD 13.94/kg.
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