On-the-Ground Updates

The Polish Wholesale Market for Fresh Fruit and Vegetables Rebounds in W41

Fresh Orange
Fresh Lemon
Szymon Bury
Published Oct 18, 2022
Prices in the Bronisze wholesale market in Poland rebounded to an average level in W41 after September 2022, which seemed to be the most stagnated and slowest month in a decade in terms of movement. As of October 16, prices in the wholesale market are as follows:
USD 19.4 per 18kg box of Banana, Ecuador origin
USD 14.3-19.4 per 15kg box of Lemons, Spain/Argentina/RSA origin
USD 18.4-28.7 per 10kg box of Mandarins, Spain/RSA origin
USD 19.4 per 10kg box of Orange, RSA origin
USD 12.3 per 4.5kg box of Lime, Brazil Origin
USD 12.3 per 10kg box of Yellow Honey Dew Melon, Brazil origin
USD 7.80 per 6kg box of Sweet Potato, Egypt Origin
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