On-the-Ground Update

Sudden Cold Temperatures in Italy Resulted in High Prices of Green Vegetables in W3

Fresh Lettuce
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Fresh Cauliflower
Market & Price Trends
Marina Benino
Published Jan 20, 2023
The temperature in Italy fell sharply in W2 due to the cold and frequent rainfalls, which caused the production of green vegetables to slow down. Low temperatures also shift demand towards vegetable-based dishes putting upward pressure on prices. Cauliflower prices increased 8% WoW in W3 to USD 0.68/kg. Artichokes are priced at USD 0.60/unit representing a 7% WoW increase and a 12% YoY increase. The prices of lettuces, such as the Roman lettuce variety, have also increased by 7% WoW but remain lower than last year's levels. The green lettuce is currently available at USD 0.65/piece.
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