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Trade surplus milestone for Brazilian agriculture

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Rene Barreto
Published Dec 21, 2020
According to CNA (Confederation of Agriculture and Livestock of Brazil), from January to November this 2020, Brazil exported US$ 93.6 billion in agricultural products, registering a new trade surplus milestone of US$ 81.9 billion. This result is 4.9% above the same period last year. Volume wise, the growth was 10.6%, reaching 205 million tonnes.

The leading products were soybean (US$ 28.5 billion); beef (US$ 6.8 billion); vhp sugar (US$ 6.7 billion); wood pulp (US$ 5.6 billion) and soybean meal (US$ 5.5 billion). These five products accounted for 56.7% of the total amount exported in the period. And the main destination markets were China (34.8%), European Union (16.3%) and the USA (6.7%), followed by Japan (2.5%) and South Korea (2.1%).
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