On-the-Ground Updates

Turkey Is Expected to Lead Global Production of Table Olives in the 2022/23 Season

Ferhat Erdem
Published Nov 4, 2022
For the 2022/23 olive season, Turkey is expected to reach the second spot in world olive oil production with an estimated 421,000MT, followed by Italy with 330,000MT, Greece with 310,000MT, and Tunisia with 220,000–260,000MT. Turkey is also expected to lead table olive production in the 2022/23 season at 735,000MT, surpassing Spain and Greece. This development is due to the significant reduction in estimated yield compared to previous years in Spain, Italy, Greece, and Tunisia caused mainly by drought. Additionally, in Turkey, there are 168M olive-bearing trees, an increase of 1.86% compared to the 2021/22 season, and it is expected that the average production per tree will increase this year to 17.8 kg. As a result, the total amount of olives to be harvested in 2022/23 will increase by 71.2% compared to the 2021/22 season and reach 2.9MMT. In W44, the producer price is between USD 4-5/kg of extra virgin olive oil, and the price of cold-pressed olive oil is around USD 7-9/kg.
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