On-the-Ground Updates

Turkey's Top Shell Export Value Achieves a Remarkable 100% Year-on-Year Increase in the First Half of 2023

Frozen Snail
South Korea
Ferhat Erdem
Published Aug 17, 2023
Over the Jan-23 to Jul-23 period, Turkey's top shell (Rapana) exports saw an impressive 100% year-on-year (YoY) increase in value, rising from USD 4.8 million to USD 9.8 million. This surge was attributed to an export volume of 935 metric tons (mt), marking a 26% YoY growth in volume compared to the previous year's 741 MT. Notably, 61% of the export revenue originated from the Black Sea region, with 529 MT of top shells sent to six countries within this region, notably led by South Korea. This translated to a revenue of USD 6 million, representing an increase of 21% YoY in volume and a remarkable 96% surge in revenue from this specific area.
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