On-the-Ground Update

Uganda Maize Exports to Kenya Expected to Increase Due to Shortages Caused by Prolonged Drought in Kenya

Maize (Corn)
Sustainability & Environmental Impact
Market & Price Trends
Stephen Kamau
Published Feb 17, 2023
Uganda's maize export to Kenya is expected to increase in the first half of the year 2023. This is due to failed rains in 2022 in major producing regions in Kenya and increased fertilizer prices caused by the Russia-Ukraine War. Uganda received good rains in its second season, which starts in early September to early December and has seen a good production of maize. In 2020, Kenya imported maize worth USD 49.07M from Uganda and it is projected to increase further this year. Kenya is one of the biggest maize importers in Africa, mainly from Uganda, Tanzania, and Zambia.
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