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W47 Price Indication of Land-Frozen Loligo Squid in Indonesia

David Lee
Updated Nov 29, 2022
Loligo squid in the East Java area is caught within the Pacific Ocean FAO 71, primarily in the two regencies of Lamongan and Gresik. Seine nets and drift nets are the catching device used by the suppliers/fishermen in the area, and the majority of the squid is being land frozen. The annual catch volume ranges from 1700-2400MT in each regency based on data from the local fisheries authority. Squid is highly available during low tide, and the peak season is usually between September, October, and November depending on the climate/weather and sea situation at that time. Below are the prices offered by the East Java supplier for each size of Frozen Loligo squid on a whole round FOB basis:

10-15 cm = USD 4.80/kg
15-20 cm = USD 6.15/kg
21-25 cm = USD 6.35/kg
26-30 cm = USD 6.40/kg
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