On-the-Ground Updates

Low Wheat Supply in Indonesia in W44

Market & Price Trends
Lucas Sumantri
Published Nov 8, 2022
A few food manufacturers in Indonesia who are using wheat as one of their raw materials have felt the price increase of wheat since the Ukraine and Russia wars. Ukraine is one of the largest suppliers of wheat to Indonesia, and Australia also remains one of the largest exporters of wheat to Indonesia. Australia’s wheat counts for 41-45% of the total wheat imports to Indonesia. The current fluctuating weather in Australia impacts the quality, and most suppliers have stopped exporting wheat from Australia. The implication for the food manufacturers in Indonesia that used wheat as their main ingredients have seen the end price increase by almost 10.58% YoY finish goods products, especially instant noodles and cookies made from wheat flour. If the conditions remain, wheat flour imported to Indonesia will be high-priced due to a very low supply.
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