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Ghana Cashew Market Guide

Country Specific
Oct 22, 2021
Edited by
Roy Park
HS Code: 080132 - Nuts, edible; cashew nuts, fresh or dried, shelled
FAO Code: 0217 - Cashew nuts, with shell
Share in Export
≈ 0.44%Rank 13
Share in Import
≈ 0.01%Rank 95
Share in Production
Export Volume
1Y ≈ -25.71%
Import Volume
1Y ≈ 5375.85%

Production Value Chain

How is the supply chain in Ghana?

-Farmers/producer -> Processor (Drying and packing) -> Exporter

-Most of the time, companies buy the raw cashew nuts from the farmers and then process/dry themselves because, in order to buy cashew nuts, one needs a company document.

-The second most prominent case is wherein farmers form a coop and process then sell.

-Sometimes, the farmers are connected to agents who process the cashew nuts

-It’s rare that farmers also do the drying and packing themselves alone.

-Middlemen play a big role in the industry because most farmers don't have the capital to process themselves.

Cashew Nut Kernel

How does the processing work in Ghana?

-Main producing regions are (from biggest to smallest):(Brong-Ahafo/Afram Plains > Northern region > Upper West region > Upper East region > Coastal Savanna)

-The peak season for selling is from January to May.

-Production goes down during the rainy season because the cashew nuts have to be dried under the sun.

-Cashew nuts are dried under the sun and then packed

-95% of cashew nuts from Ghana is exported in the shell so there isn’t much processing needed

-When the order comes in, cashew nuts are brought out from the warehouse. It’s not possible to get fresh harvests as these have to be dried prior to packing.

-Usually, there isn't much stock left as the suppliers usually already have contracted buyers. Moreover, the suppliers do not want to hold stocks.

-This is why the price is quite high during the non-harvest season.

-Sometimes, suppliers buy from other suppliers to meet demand. 

Cashew Nut Kernel

Which are the main financial institutions providing support for the cashew industry in Ghana?

Agricultural Development Banks, Rural Banks, and Commercial Banks/National Investments Banks/ECOBANK/Merchant Banks are the main financial institutions providing support for the cashew industry in Ghana.

Raw Cashew Nut
Cashew Nut Kernel
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