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Fresh Whole Beef
HS Code: 0201 - Meat of bovine animals; fresh or chilled
HS Code: 1806 - Beef and Buffalo Meat
Top Exporter
US flagUnited States
Top Importer
US flagUnited States
Top Producer
US flagUnited States
Export Value
1Y +22.80%
Import Value
1Y +20.58%
Updated Jan 17, 2023

Seasonality of Main Producing Regions

What are the top beef producing countries?

As of 2019, the top global producing country is the United States with a production of 12.35M MT. Following are Brazil (10.20M MT), and China (6.59M MT). The United States (North America) is the top producing country among other regions with a total production share of 24.&%. Other primary producing countries are China (Asia), Russia (Europe), Australia (Oceania), and South Africa (Africa).

Fresh Whole Beef
United States

How is beef graded?

Different countries use different measurements to grade their beef. This grading system pertains to the Australian grading system:

  • Y has no permanent teeth up to 18-month-old
  • YG has 2 permanent teeth after 30 months of age
  • YP has 4 permanent teeth up to 36 months of age
  • PR has 7 permanent teeth up to 42 months of age
  • A has 8 permanent teeth and 48 months any age

"A" indicates sourced from older cattle and is frozen beef.

Fresh Whole Beef
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