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•Sufficient apple stocks, which are on par with the previous year in the US and German markets have backed up a stable price trend. However, in China, increased demand is driving the wholesale price up, while quite the opposite in India, abundant supply is pushing apple prices down.
•The wholesale banana prices in major import markets such as China and Germany continue to rise, powered by demand and inflation factors. After a difficult 2022, Ecuador is coping with lower demand from the EU and Russia and searching for new markets. In Costa Rica, increased production costs and lower available quantities on the market propel the wholesale price of fresh bananas higher.
•South African plums are expected to remain high compared to the previous period due to stable supply and increased demand from overseas markets. In a follow-up after Spring festivities in China, the demand for plums has dropped. Nevertheless, the wholesale price will be under the influence of the imported plum quantities.
•Despite the decrease in fresh durian wholesale prices at the end of March in Thailand, current levels are still high compared to previous months. China's continuous demand for fresh durian will keep the wholesale prices at high levels, albeit more constant than growing.
•US avocado prices started this year at a very low level reaching USD 2.80/kg due to large volumes from Peru and Mexico. However, with only Mexican avocados left on the market, the price of US avocados has started to climb. While Mexican avocado price is expected to remain low for the rest of H1-23. Additionally, the South African avocado season started with a downward trend, more than normal, due to the oversupply in the market due to the early-season crop that has coincided with late-season production.
•South American mango suppliers are closing down their mango season by naturally increasing their prices. However, Colombia with still Tommy Atkins production, will remain with low prices for the next 4 to 6 weeks. While, mangoes in Spain are trending down due to large volumes coming from Andalusia and Malaga, which will maintain low prices until about the end of May.
•In the middle of a global onion shortage, particularly in all of Europe and Central Asia, prices have substantially soared in most main supplying markets. However, in India and Indonesia, prices have taken a downward trend. In India, due to the excess rainfall, an oversupply of onions has been reported, with prices reaching a record low.

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