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Tapioca Market Report

Updated Dec 21, 2021
Thailand is the largest producer of tapioca starch, with a capacity of over 2M MT per year. Following Thailand is Brazil, Nigeria, and Indonesia as the top tapioca-producing countries. Thailand and Vietnam dominated tapioca exports with a total share of 96% in the exported volume. In terms of value, tapioca worth USD 2M thousand was exported in 2019. This report addresses an overview of the global tapioca landscape, including production, consumption, imports, and exports. Emphasis is on Thailand and Vietnam which are the main tapioca-producing countries.

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Table of Content

Part I - Product Information: Cassava Starch (HS Code: 110814)

1.1 Production Process: Cassava Roots to Tapioca

1.2 Industrial Applications

1.3 The Biofuel Industry Applications

1.4 Food and Beverage Applications

Part II - Global Market Dynamics

2.1 Production and Consumption

2.2 Tapioca Trade

- Exports

- Imports

Part III - Recent Developments in Major Producing and Trading Regions

3.1 Thailand

3.2 Vietnam

Part IV - Sources

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