97% of Spaniards consume frozen vegetables at least once a week

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Published Mar 24, 2023

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97% of Spaniards claim to consume frozen vegetables at least once a week and 60% do so at least three times a week, according to a survey carried out by the Spanish Association of Vegetable Manufacturers (Asevec), which brings together eight companies of national implantation that suppose 95% of the national production. The survey reveals that frozen vegetables are a staple in the consumer's shopping cart.

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Convenience (86%), the offer and variety throughout the year (37%), and quality and flavor (30%) are the main advantages that consumers highlight when including frozen vegetables in the shopping cart . And it is that “vegetables destined for deep-freezing are collected at their optimal moment of maturation, with all their nutritional value; a process that also allows them to be available at any time of the year”, highlights Álvaro Aguilar, general secretary of Asevec. The comfort factor, highly valued in the survey, is due to the sector's efforts to offer a top-quality product, ready to cook. And it is that "frozen vegetables come washed, cut and clean, avoiding the generation of food waste since you can use the amount needed and save the rest," adds Aguilar. Regarding the most consumed vegetables, according to the results obtained, we find peas (79%), green beans (76%), spinach (64%) and broccoli (52%). A healthier and cheaper option 8% of those surveyed state that they have ...
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