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Agribusiness: Brazil gets 50 commercial openings this year for sector products

Updated Jul 23, 2020
Since the beginning of the year, there have been 50 commercial openings, compared to 35 last year - of these 26 actions involved Asian countries. Also in July, Myanmar released the commercialization of pork and its derivatives, bovine semen, live cattle for slaughter, live cattle for breeding, by-products for animal feed in Brazil. Genetic material such as bovine embryos and Brazilian bovine semen were also allowed by Qatar. China opened the market for bovine trimmings from Brazil, while Argentina released poultry oil for animal feed. In June, another 10 actions were completed. Only Singapore allowed the entry of seven Brazilian products, they were: eggs in shell, canned chicken meat, canned beef, pork canned meat, canned duck meat, canned goose meat and canned turkey meat . Myanmar has allowed the entry of Brazilian dairy products. In addition to these new markets, five more Brazilian plants have been authorized to export pork and chicken to Vietnam, another six slaughterhouses ...
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