Italy: The sad reality of almonds in Sicily

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Published Oct 21, 2023

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The almond industry in Sicily is facing a crisis due to a drop in production and competition from cheaper imported almonds. The poor quality of imported almonds, including a recent seizure of contaminated Californian almonds, has raised concerns about the need for stricter controls on imported dried fruit. The combination of low prices and high costs has led to a standstill in the market, with farmers unable to sell their almonds, and there is a risk that the Sicilian almond sector may collapse.
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It's much more than a bad year for almonds in Sicily. In fact, what is weighing is not only the heavy contingent situation, which sees a significant drop in production, but also what is happening on the price front, with the Californian and Spanish product which is crushing local production. The speaker is Ignazio Vassallo, spokesperson for the National Shell Fruit Coordination, who first of all compliments the recent large-scale seizure of Californian almonds with mold and parasites. “We hope – he says – that it is the result of our request to the Ministry of Health. We hope for tighter controls on all imported dried fruit." Then, Vassallo tells the sad reality of what is happening with almonds in Sicily, and why the seizure of a few days ago actually appears to be a drop in the sea. “The 2023 vintage – he explains – was terrible. From an agronomic point of view, in fact, there has been a notable drop in production, due to adverse climatic conditions. However, this is ...
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