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Army deployed to combat caterpillar infestation in Uganda

Uganda'da ordu tırtıl istilasıyla mücadele için görevlendirildi
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Grain & Cereals
Environmental Issue
Apr 15, 2022
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In Uganda, the government has deployed the military to combat the African caterpillar, which has destroyed 13,000 acres of cultivated crops. Ugandan Prime Minister Robinah Nabbanja said in a speech in parliament that the caterpillars, which are currently in more than 40 regions, are damaging crops and pastures such as maize, millet, sorghum and wheat.
Explaining that they have assigned the Ugandan army to combat the caterpillar invasion, Prime Minister Nabbaja said, "100 army personnel, previously trained to fight the locust infestation, will be deployed to fight on land by repelling these caterpillars." said. Nabbaja also asked his distributors to stock up on adequate supplies for spraying. The caterpillars spread rapidly due to the delay of rain as well as wind and dry air. Deputy Santa Alum, who asked the government to pay compensation to the farmers whose crops were affected, said, "Agricultural revenues constitute 22 percent of the Gross National Product. If the invasion is not prevented, hunger and famine will inevitably occur." used the phrases. To date, approximately 1407 farmers have been affected by the caterpillar infestation, according to data from the Ugandan Ministry of Agriculture. As an important corn producer, Uganda exports most of its annual production to neighboring countries such ...
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