Australia, EU trade talks deadlocked over product labeling rules

Updated Jun 8, 2023
Negotiations on a comprehensive trade agreement between Australia and the European Union stalled due to EU requirements to comply with product labeling rules. This was announced on Thursday by the Australian Minister of Agriculture Murray Watt, speaking on the radio station ABC. “There is a lot at stake and it is very important for us to open markets, including the EU market, for Australian manufacturers, <…> but we strongly insist that the terms of this [trade agreement] be in the national interest of Australia, otherwise we won’t sign it,” Watt said, noting that so far the parties have not been able to agree on a number of issues regarding “the rights of Australian producers to use such names as parmesan, prosecco or feta for their products.” "Our conditions are perfectly reasonable, especially compared to what other countries managed to agree with the EU. After the Second World War, Australia received many migrants from Europe who brought the recipe of national products and ...
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