Bovine coronavirus is highly prevalent on dairy farms in Spain

Published Sep 15, 2023

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A field study conducted by MSD Animal Health has determined that bovine coronavirus (BoCV) is prevalent in European dairy cattle farms. The study, carried out on 130 dairy farms in various European countries, found that BoCV was present in the respiratory level of 73% of the farms sampled. This is the first study to evaluate the prevalence of BoCV in the European dairy cattle population.
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MSD Animal Health has presented the results of the first field study evaluating the prevalence of bovine coronavirus (BoCV) in European dairy cattle farms. The study, carried out on 130 dairy farms in Spain, Belgium, the Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Greece, Hungary, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Sweden and Slovakia, has identified the presence of BoCV at the respiratory level. in 73 percent of European dairy farms sampled and has also determined that all farms were seropositive for bovine coronavirus. “Bovine coronavirus has long been suspected of being a global endemic pathogen in livestock and this is the first study to evaluate its prevalence in the dairy cattle population in Europe,” explained the lead author of the study and academic advisor at the Epidemiology Unit of the Veterinary Faculty of Ghent University in Belgium, Anna Catharina Berge. “Preliminary results from this study indicate that BCoV is commonly present in the respiratory and ...
Source: Agromeat
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