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Peru exported 2,304 tons of Brazil nuts for US$18 million between January and June 2022

Updated Sep 7, 2022
( Peru exported 2,304 tons of Brazil nuts for US$18 million between January and June 2022, showing a 2% drop in volume, but with an 8% growth in value. As for the average price received, it increased 10% compared to 2021, reaching US$7.82 per kilogram. Likewise, the main destinations for this type of chestnut were the United States (36% share), South Korea (13%) and Spain (5%).
The US demand for this product increased more than expected: they acquired 809 tons for US$6 million, double both in volume and value of what was shipped a year earlier. However, the price at which the nut was quoted in this market decreased 2%, standing at US$ 7.96 per kilogram. As for the Peruvian exporting company that had a greater participation in this country, it was White Lion Nuts S.A.C., with 36%. Shipments to South Korea totaled 238 tons for US$ 2 million. This was 76% less in volume and 71% less in value than in the previous year. Despite this, the price increased 20%, reaching a price of this product at US$ 9.46 per kilogram. In this market, the Peruvian exporter that stood out the most was El Bosque E.I.R.L., with a 37% share. In the case of Spain, unlike South Korea, there was an increase in imports of this product. Spain bought 104 tons for US$ 909 thousand. ...
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